• YEAR :
  • Client Name : Marshal Doe
  • Project End Date : 2016-03-22

The Almajiri Intervention project seeks to address the challenge of providing access to quality basic education, especially for Almajiri children, who are presently not in mainstream schools. Almajiri children constitute the largest group of out-of-school children in Nigeria today; the number is currently put at over 9.5 million according to the Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB).
These numbers pose a challenge to ensuring all children complete free, equitable and quality primary education by 2030. Also to neglect this group denies the children, their fundamental rights to quality basic education. Thus, in order to reduce inequality, increase access to basic education and participate in the Every Child Counts policy of the Federal Government, OST has developed its Almajiri Intervention project, which sets out to reach 1,000,000 Almajiri children in Kano; 1,0000,000 in Bauchi, Jigawa, Sokoto and Katsina. These states were chosen as they have 67% of the total number of “out of school” children in the country. This will begin the process of gradually incorporating the children into mainstream education system and the workforce (for those eligible), if and when they decide to, without prejudice to them acquiring a sound mastery of the Quran.
We are currently, in initial talks with the committee start up to examine how Almajiri children could be incorporated into the every child counts policy, so Every Child has digital literacy competency to compete in the 21st century workforce.