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According to the World Bank Development Report (2018), only 20% of young Nigerians who have completed primary education can read
effectively. That means we have millions of children and young people without the necessary literacy or cognitive skills, required, entering into higher education or the workforce.

Ever than before it is highly critical that children learn to read, write and develop comprehending skill, appropriate for their age, as this is a prerequisite for success in future academic and workforce
activities.  We need to breed a new generation that does not just read
and recite what they are taught. We need them to understand what
they are being taught and can ask the why, why not and how, in order
to encourage creativity, which is the bedrock of innovation and

The reading clinics are currently reaching over 1000 pupils in Ogba
Primary School and Anglican Primary School in Makoko, Yaba. Over
15 teachers are using the application to track the progress being made by their pupils during reading clinics.