In his Christmas address to the nation, His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari said the Federal Government will recruit 500,000 qualified teachers in 2016 to boost the country’s education standard. This is a great step forward for the country’s education sector, but it is also important to ask a pertinent question- Do the teachers have the required expertise to train children who will go on to compete in an Information technology (IT) driven labor force?


The 21st century is obviously technology driven, we hardly ask graduates to write their curriculum Vitaes with a pen and a paper, e-mails have replaced snail mails, and companies with no websites are belittled. All these and many more show daily tasks and events are mostly driven by technology.


This highlights the fact that teachers need to have the appropriate training and resources to effectively produce technologically savvy children. The initial investment in introducing technology to the classroom can be a bit daunting, however it is important to note that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


Children love technology, they use it to communicate, play games and watch movies, so why not engage the kids using their favorite medium? Technology encourages active engagement and frequent interaction in the classroom, thereby making life easier for teachers by being able to keep the children’s interest. Finally in the long run, the money used to buy teachers’ training books and equipment is drastically reduced.


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What do you think? Is it high time we incorporate technology into the public school system?