The Framework for Action is the roadmap to lead the international community and national governments in their efforts to achieve SDG 4 (Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education) over the next 15 years. It guides all actors working at country, regional, and global level to work in synergy towards a common goal. And it provides a set of indicative strategies- ‘different recipes’- to support the achievement of targets to be adapted by each country.

Specifically, the Framework:

  • Sets out a universal agenda and provides recommendations for strengthening policies and education systems.
  • Puts a strong emphasis on equity and inclusion and developing strategies to reaching the most vulnerable and marginalized.
  • Highlights the importance of gender equality, ensuring that girls and boys, women and men should have the same opportunities to access quality education.
  • Moves beyond access to education to focus also on the quality of education and the central role that teachers and adequate education facilities play in this respect.
  • Underscores the importance of developing strategies to address education in emergencies.

At the Orderly Society Trust, we will continue to advocate for the expansion of access to high quality early childhood education for the most vulnerable of us. We will work with our partners to ensure our Preschool4All project reaches its target audience, children from slum communities.