The Monkey Village Class was organized by the Excel Literary and Debating Club in June 2012 to build the reading and writing skills of the children in the area. The Club has contributed a lot to the progress and continuity of the class, by providing free educational materials, uniforms, shoes and socks for the pupils
The class starts by 9 am and closes 1 pm from Monday to Friday. There is a lot of progress as the children that could not identify alphabets and numbers can now read two letter words and count from numbers 1 to 50.
The pupils are performing excellently well and the attendance is increasing tremendously.
Counting and writing of numbers from 1 to 50.
Addition of numbers without remaining.
Multiplication of numbers.
General Knowledge:
Good manners (When to say thank you, please and I’m sorry)
Greetings (How to greet in the morning, afternoon and night)
Cleanliness(How to care for themselves and their environment)

Pupil attendance and curriculum
1. The pupils come to school regularly and are more enthusiastic about learning to read and write.
2. Pupils can now identify the first group of sounds, write two letter words, recognize numbers 1-30 and add and subtract.
3. The curriculum also covers moral and civic education, the national anthem and days of the week.
1. Students who aren’t punctual distract the rest of the class.
2. Children withdrawn by their parents are taken to the schools in the village.
3. Some children find it difficult to memorize words of the national anthem and days of the week.
Parent/Teacher meetings on a quarterly basis

Class Organization, Structure and Management
There are currently three classes in the school- the toddlers, intermediary, and basic one.
1. The workload is expanding because of the three levels.
2. Teaching the three classes at once reduces the concentration on the older class and the progress rate is slow.
3. The pupils complain of tiredness and hunger during school hours; this gives them a reason to leave the class.
1. Dividing the classes into three and providing assistance for the teachers.
2. Provision of snacks during the break time.

Teaching Aids
1. The platforms built are not strong enough.
2. The nails shooting out from the furniture could harm the pupils.
3. Absence of a whiteboard, fan, television and D.V.D. player.
Provision of a whiteboard, fan, television, and D.V.D. player.